How to become a member of our co-op.

How to Apply

Please read this information completely as it contains important information about the application process.

We are a housing co-operative, this should not be confused with low-income or subsidized housing. While we are an affordable alternative, we are not low-income housing. We do have financial standards that must be met to obtain membership.

From our website you may apply via the following methods;

  • You may apply using our on-line form
  • You may download our application form and fill it in by hand.

If using this method you will need to;

  • Drop off your application to the Woodland Park Housing Coop office,
  • Mail your application to #1 – 1692 Silverwood Crescent, Castlegar, BC V1N 2M1
  • Scan and upload your application to us using the upload link on the sidebar.

Please be sure to include all supporting documentation when using these options.

To access our on-line or downloadable application form please visit our application orientation page. You must thoroughly read the orientation. At the bottom of the orientation page are the links to either the on-line or downloadable forms.

If using the on-line form, we recommend you thoroughly read through the form before beginning. Make sure you have all the information you need including access to any digital files you need to upload. You will be unable to save this form and if you navigate away midway through all progress will be lost and you will need to begin again.


  1. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please thoroughly complete all sections of the application.
  2. While we strive to keep the information on our website up to date at all times we do occasionally miss things. Therefore the charges as listed on this site may not always be accurate. You should always confirm charges when setting up your interview.


Review this document before applying to our co-op.

***Important – Please Read this orientation before beginning your application***

Thank you for considering co-operative living, an alternative life-style which is different than merely renting. Formed in 1982, the Woodland Park Housing Co-op was the first of its kind in the Kootenays. It is on seven acres of wooded parkland and is an ideal place for families, with or without children, to live. The convenient south Castlegar location is close to shopping and major service facilities including supermarkets, banks, and a postal outlet. There is a fully equipped playground for the children on the grounds.

Woodland Park Housing Co-Operative is a member-oriented housing project which offers members a chance to be involved in its management. In applying, please consider that you are not simply moving into a rental unit but rather you are becoming a shareholding member with certain rights and obligations.


Our application form.

Please note: Applications are closed for all units only as our wait-list is full.


*Note: Please review our Orientation Sheet before filling out and submitting an application to our co-op.


Upload your documents.

    We accept the following file types: pdf, doc, docs, jpg, zip, rar


    Share Purchase is $2,500.00.

    2 Bedroom Townhouse

    $781.00 Monthly

    3 Bedroom Townhouse

    $859.00 Monthly